Friday, March 20, 2009

Colorado Roadtrip - Day Two

On day two we actually left Texas. Yes we did. We crossed into New Mexico and even stopped at a little gas station and got snack because we didn't pack any - just kidding, but I gave in when three kids begged for candy when passing the candy shelves on the way to the restroom. And we do like New Mexico and that we did not pay tax neither. lol.

It's just truly a pity that the shortest way from our home to Colorado Springs went through Amarillo instead of through Alberquerque. That would have have been really nice to stop there and get into the old historic downtown. I have to admit I do not even know if Amarillo has one, we skipped that and just left quickly after breakfast there.

But driving crossing the border from one state to the other with New Mexico is always a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong stretch. 120 miles and 150 miles. Does it really need to be so long. I don't mind more towns in between, did I mention more gas stations ans restrooms. Just in case. I am also getting better friends with Luigi - our GPS - even he wasn't talking with us today, but at least now we know more about how to press his buttons literally.

In the middle of nowhere, we suddenly saw a few patches of snow next to the road. The girls were so excited. There simply was no chance to stop, but snow, how could that be they were wondering, just there and nowhere else. They still remember snow from living in New England and also from Easter last year in Central Texas, but Soren has never seen or touched snow. So it was a pity we could not give him the chance. But who knows when we get the next snow ball fight?

Time kept passing and we still were not at the end, not even close, but suddenly we saw mountains, even snow covered ones in front of us. A beautiful picture between after all the plains. The girls were snapping pictures with their little cameras all the way and couldn't get enough and were hoping we would drive right on top of it. Dream on little girl.

That was one of the very few sleeping moments of Soren in the car on that trip.

804 miles later we made it. We spent 4 days in Colorado. Now our bags are packed again and in morning we are getting ready to head 808 miles back to Texas.

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  1. I still can't believe you made that drive...with kiddos! Amazing!



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