Friday, March 27, 2009

Baking in Rainbow Colors

A few days again I came upon a RAINBOW CAKE recipe and the link to Omnomicon to give credit where it belongs. I love baking and cake but I stay away from it lately because as soon as it is in my kitchen I CAN'T stay away from it and I try pretty hard to watch and cut down what I eat. It worked so far and I lost 10 pounds in the last 5 weeks and if I can keep these pounds off and perhabs even loose some more then it would be really good. So yummy cakes are not really good for me, because the word everything in moderation does not apply in such cases.

But this recipe was special for several reasons.

#1 It looked like so much fun for the kids.

#2 All the colors it has inside do NOT appeal to me so much, who knows if I actually will eat it.

#3 The recipe is applied for weightwatchers and the cake mix is made without the eggs and oil and I used diet soda instead. One piece is supposed to be 1 WW point. Just my bad luck, I do not count points.

- all the ingredients we used -

- my BIG helper -

- loving dipping and licking his finger in the dough -

- NO, we did no use the m&ms for coloring the dough, these were Soren's snack in between to keep him busy -

- he was eyeing me very closely what I was doing with all the different bowls of dough and lots of colors, probably counting how many more spoons and bowls to lick -

- Look at THIS -

- Doesn't it look crazy? -

So far it looks good.

We will see how it turns out when it comes out of the oven and if it tastes. lol.

So far this cake has real advantages to bake with kids -

#1 There are lots of bowls and spoons to lick - no fights about the bowl.

#2 You can teach your kids about colors and how to do dishes.

#3 If you have a kid still in diapers I be aware of color changes and diaper changes. LOL


  1. I want some! OH and Al is over here with me drooling, lol. REally!

  2. Oh my gosh - this looks like soooo much fun! I absolutely need to do this ASAP.

    You are such a fun mom. Truly inspiring!

    -Nat :)

  3. LOL
    Color/diaper changes! Ah yes!

    Do you have a picture of the finished product!? How did it taste! I'm anxious to see/hear!

  4. Oh, I bet the kids had a blast making that! Yummy.



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