Sunday, March 22, 2009

Colorado Pictures Part I

We made it to Colorado just in time for Gabriel's 2nd birthday.

Both of the little big boys were way more excited about the cupcakes as about presents. Their hands were fast for securing their cupcakes from the big platter.

The next day we visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. It is a small, but beautiful park. You do go lots of ways up hill but you don't really feel it so much and get rewarded with a beautiful view over the plains of Coloradp Springs. Right at the entrance you find lots of giraffes and even a little baby and we were able to touch them and to feed them. Priceless.

We had very nice company strolling through the zoo and all the kids found a buddy that made the visit even more special. Look at that little gang.

We were at the highest point and didn't I already mention the view from up there?

And guess who got comfy in the egg and turned into a little dino? Not just Soren!

It was a fun day, but Soren did not fall asleep after so much walking and excitement and skipped nap in the car. He stayed up until late, but luckily we have the naps back now.

You might be missing the animal pictures from our zoo visit. Lol. So I do give you one, just one and no more.


  1. It looks like you all had fun. I'm jealous!

  2. Fun! I'm loving all the pictures you are sharing!

    In the 16 years I have been here in CO, we have never made it up to that zoo. Maybe we'll try this summer!



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