Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Texas Country Style" or "Coffee & Cream"

Tuesday morning it was raining, for the first time in a long time and I truly couldn't use the rain, because we had outdoor plans for the afternoon. A special afternoon work included, but the fun type of work involving dirt, hay, animals, kids & camera ....

Here is a small sneak peak preview from our photo shoot - I have soooo many pictures to go through, but don't have the time for it till later on this week hopefully.

The main attraction and models of the shoot were "Coffee & Cream". These little lambs ar raised by friends from us, because the moms don't want them. Coffee was 5 days old and Cream 10 days. Both just cute as buttons and Soren adores them.

There will be more pictures as soon as I have the time.


  1. Great pics!

    Hey, stop by my blog sometime...Don't be a stranger...:)

  2. I love, love, LOVE all of these pictures.

  3. Hi there. I was playing catch up with friends and comments and wanted to say thank you for coming by a while back. It's taken me a while, sorry.

    These photos are awesome and I really love the little lambs. I would be in heaven holding one of those.

  4. OMGosh! How cute are Coffee and Cream?!?!

    Once again, great pix! You have a great eye!

  5. These couldn't possibly be an beautifuler.

    I'm not even sure that's a word but it's appropriate!



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