Wednesday, March 11, 2009

getting ready for our count down

It is not like we would not have anything to blog about, but I am just too busy to blog, can you believe it. lol. My days are filled with appointements and errands and getting the house organized and just everything so the last two days - wow that is already tomorrow - are mainly cleaning up and working and the last day - packing and working. Plus errands and school events and pictures and .... whatever fits in in a RAINY week.

It's hard to believe with the rainstorm outside we finally have spring break is starting in three days and we will be on the road. If I find the bags to pack in the attic. I didn't even dig for them yet. But that can wait til Friday. Come on we are only going to Colorado and not to Germany - yet, even the travelling there will take longer as to Germany we won't need to stress packing there, nobody is going to check my luggage, nobody is putting it on a scale and I can pack as many snacks and drinks as we want.

We only told a few people yet, but we booked our tickets for the summer. We will be in Germany this summer. No Texas heat. No Texas bugs and no darn fire ants. We can actually lay in the gras and watch it grow. Lol. And no freaking spiders that make me run miles.

But first - on Friday - I will go an dig all our warm clothes back out after we already moved to shorts and tshirts and sandals and barefoot and sunglasses - ok those we have year around. Perhabs good it got cold today already so we won't have such a temperature shock driving north instead of our usual way south to Austin - lol - usually not much further. I think we do own gloves and hats for every member of our left over family here. Mmmm I might want to find these, too, just in case.

Anything else I need for Colorado?

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