Monday, March 30, 2009

Always something new

We didn't do anything messy today. We didn't do much today that had to do with cleaning up. At least since after 8 am. We didn't do anything that had to do water neither. We simply had NONE.

All water was shut off in the whole neighborhood. Fantastic. My dishwasher was waiting to be turned on. Several loads of laundry should be washed, but more as a couple drops of water did not trickle down our pipes. Okay. After talking to the water company and NOT ME being the reason why there was no water I thought it's okay, it will be back on and I grabbed a glass and went to the fridge to get some water to drink. TJA. Stupida. NO WATER. No soda in the house neither.
Whatever, don't stress I tell myself, because I am really fantatastic in stressing out and worrying about nothing and everything, I am leaving shortly and by the time I am back the water will be back on I think.

Hours later, debating with myself if we should grab food on the way home or stick to the plan to cook we are driving home and getting closer and closer. The truk from the water company is still in the neighborhood.

Huge pink signs posted with the information

"All customers from our water company should boil all drinking water until further notice!"

I am ecstatic!

I am now supposed to even boil all the bathtub water for Soren who considers bathtub water as drinking water? Seriously!

We weren't cooking today. We ate sandwiches outside on the patio in the evening sun. Drinking the last bottled water - of course now we are running low.

1 comment:

  1. Oh NO! That is terrible!

    Get this. There is a town here in CO with flammable water. If you hold a lighter up the running water, it bursts into flames. Good stuff, no?



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