Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is it really forgotten - the art of handwritten letters?

This week is already CRAZY busy. One appointment after another, one more errand after another to add to my list and every single day of my week is already filled in the calendar. And I got the feeling next week will not be much different. BUT after that we are taking off for a whole week for a roadtrip north. The girls are all excited and we are leaving this beautiful spring weather with days of summer temperatures for cooler temperatures. I must be crazy. Nothing new. LOL.

So if we find some free moments before we leave we will explore the internet and see if there is anything interesting in between here - the middle of Texas - and Colorado to make our stops more fun and relaxing that will all survive not only depending on playing one DVD after another.

Did anybody see the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo? If you know something that is worth to stop for let us know, we might mark our route with it.

As busy as I was lately I did get a few bunnies started and the first one finished. He is not perfect, but we are still in the trial phase, so the ears are to skinny, the head is too wide, the face is cricket, but the first one is done. Finally. Here are the instructions I used BUNNY (in german).

The girls would love to get a letter from Dad in the mail. A letter they pick up out of the mail box at the road, a letter they can read again and again, a letter they can carry around or just put underneath their pillow. (They still have the card he mailed them on his last deployment!) I would love to get one, too, of course I do.
So he asked me to send him some stationary. No problem. I went to Walmart and wanted to get some stationary. Mmmm. Where? I found envelopes, but no sets of paper and envelopes. I am used to go to a store in Germany and have huge selections of stationary from very simple, to elegant, cute,beautiful, anything you could wish for. There nothing.
So, I checked everywhere I could think of and was possible close to here and just came to the conclusion if there is any stationary still left in this timeage of computers and email with the art of handwritten letters almost forgotten then the stationary is all flowery or girly. Just for females. Nothing else to choose from.
So for right now we are left with simple white envelopes and a white ruled writing tablet - I couldn't do the yellow. But we have an idea and are thinking what you can't get, you can always make yourself, so wait and see we might be coming up with very special personalized stationary for the very special person in our life.


  1. Zur Cadillac Ranch hab ich vor ein paar Jahren was im Mag "Texas Highways" gelesen und fand es sehr Interessant und ist auch in der Erinnerung hängen geblieben. Ich hab mir das hier mal angesehen
    Zum Stationary für Leland - soll ich mal schaun? Ich will ihm ja eh noch ein Päckchen fertig machen.

  2. You can order some nice personalized on line... (I used to always have personalized note cards on hand for myself & for the kids....) I can't think of the name of the company I used but I am sure if you did a google search it will come up..
    From where in Germany are you? I used to live in Frankfurt & in Mannheim.. (I went to University there..) : )

  3. Nothing like a handwritten note/letter. They are the best! Target has a really good selection!

  4. Cute bunnies. I remember the days of family roadtrips. I haven't done that in a long time. I don't think anyone actually hand writes letters anymore. I can remember going off to college and hand writing letters to my friends all over the country. Life was simple back then...

  5. i've always been a fan of the handwritten letter. i used to always spend my money, as a teen, on stationery sets. it's too bad that convenience has gotten in the way. :-/



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