Saturday, March 21, 2009

we are back home

Soren and me are sitting out on the front porch in the sun with spilled Kix cerial between our feet and munching on left over trail mix from the trip for breakfast. He is awake. Me more or less. But we are back home.

We left Colorado yesterday morning and drove all the way home. Jack - the new GPS voice - after Luigi ditched us we separated, led us back down the mountains in New Mexico and over lots of highways. Jack even found snow in Texas in the middle of nowhere of course. We planned on staying in Lubbock overnight, but kept driving towards Abilene and then were way too close to home to stop at any hotel. So still yesterday we finally saw the first LAMPASAS county sign and even that were another 45 minutes to go it was almost home. And by 12.30 am we made it.

Even we drove two different routes there and back it's about the same distance 805 miles (for all our friends with the metric system I even did the conversion 1286 km). On the way up there it felt a lot longer, less gas stations, more worries. Yesterday it was easier. I guess the working DVD player helped, starting with the 75 mph speed limit was good, too.

To give you an idea about the distance we covered yesterday from Colorado to Central Texas is the same as driving from Hamburg, Gemany through Austria and Switzerland to Genova, Italy.

It is not a big deal here, but believe me in Germany I would think twice to drive that even with all the way on the Autobahn and a highe speed limit as the slow 70 in Texas and 65 we ended up at night.

After some more sleep, some food, some laundry, cleaning, .... I hopefully get to the pictures from our days in Colorado and can show you some, too.


  1. NIcole, I am so glad that you had a wonderful trip! You deserve it! I am glad that you made it there and home well!

    I also just read a lot that I've been missing... I've been a bad blogger.... :o( but... I read it all!

  2. OMGosh! WHAT a drive!! I'm glad you had such a great trip and made it back/forth safely!

  3. Oh, I love that you put the maps on the post...puts it into perspective! What a great adventure to take your kids on, I actually love driving cross-country, you never know what you will see! I am hopefully going to Germany in a couple weeks, can't wait -- but I am with you, I am not sure I would want to drive that distance in Europe.



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