Thursday, March 19, 2009

On the way to Colorado - Day One

Saturday morning we left. The car was packed to the top with everything you could imagine from clothes to sleeping bags to pillows to drinks and snacks and food ato movies and toys anything to keep two kids and a toddler happy and entertained and from starving and freezing on the trip planned ahead thinking we are driving all the way to the cold in the north.

We barely left with 45 minutes delay - we are good and made it under an hour - and our route and friend Luigi - that's how we call our GPS - leads us to/through Lampasas our favorite town near anyway and I seriously say we could stay right there and just take pictures. It was beautiful, early saturday morning, we were actually all awake, but I refused to stop anywhere the first 3 hours and to get out of the car even with all the tempted nice little towns to snap pictures from we drove through to snap pictures from. It is close by I kept telling myself we could come back and we just started to drive I DO NOT want to stop already with such a long way ahead of us.

I seriously start to understand my husband now why he drives the way he drives on long trips and why I have to beg a long time ahead for bathroom breaks, but I also do appreciate him driving the long distances and me mainly just being the passenger and handing over the drinks and snacks.

After our first stop in Abilene we mainly got this picture on the road to see.

Nothing. Or not much. I was happy to find a gas station and a rest room to stop. After getting low once on gas I seriously almost hit every gas station on rest of the trip. I know that I can drive for hours with on gas tank, but the stretches we drove with just plain nothing in between from 20 miles up to 150 miles just made me a little bit nervous. And not just that besides a few bigger towns almost everything between Abilene and Amarillo and Colorado Springs are ghost towns. Broken down. Left behind. Empty. Left alone. Amazing for taking pictures, but really sad that these are places not worth living there anymore, not worth to keep up, no built up again. Not strong enough that people can live and survive there anymore.

At the end of the day, after driving all day, even after the kids asked all day long

'Are we already in Colorado?'

435 miles later



  1. You are coming to my state! I can't wait to hear about more of your trip!

  2. Hi ihr Lieben,

    na das ist ja ein Erlebnis! Wenn man die Bilder anschaut von den verlasseneren Gegenden in Texas ( besonders auch das erste von der Strasse! Kann ich mich auch noch dran erinnern, nur nicht in derselben Ecke!) dann war mir das immer so zwischen: "Wow wie faszinierend... und oh my a bit creepy" LOL. Passt auf Euch auf und ich wuensch Euch noch einen tollen Roadtrip! Und sag A. und G. hi von mir! Ich denk doch mal da geht es hin oder :-)! Ganz liebe Gruesse und Gute Fahrt!



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