Sunday, March 1, 2009

We NEED ideas!

The local post office of the next town knows me and the kids since 3 years now pretty well. Every time at xmas we are there with our packages and customs forms and every deployment we come all the time with one box after the other and our customs forms. Even they advertise you can get print your label out at home and they pick up your box at your door - nope we got to go - customs form.

Now we need some help!

We already mailed lots of care packages with all kinds off goodies. One of the last ones was pretty red toped off with cut out paper hearts by the girls and handwritte notes on some of them. Chiara draws and send lots and lots of pictures, more letters by now.

But we truly need some ideas. What to pack in our care packages besides the necessaties, the few things he asks for if he does at all. He doesn't need much, but the package is a little bit something from home and we would love to get a smile out of the box, better a giggle or a laugh. Hugs and kisses are packed in all the time.

Please helps us out. What would be great & neat to pack in?
What does survive a week trip to Iraq?
What won't melt in summer?
I know we already did this lots of times, but that's why I would like to change it up.
And yes, it does need to fit in a flat rate box.
Soren does not fit anymore. He did on last deployment.

P.S. After considering the fact, he might not survive a week in the box, just the pic got printed and put on top of the box in 2007.


  1. OH, I'll have to think on this one. Twinkies? Twizzlers? Tweezers...I'm just being dumb now.A book of international obscenities? Someone sent that to my husband when he was deployed (a looong time ago).

  2. Hmmmm, not sure what to suggest. I send cookies through Operation Cookie Bake and I usually throw in some cocoa packages, tea bags, chocolate bars, and a DVD or two.
    Of course, I am sure his favorites are the letters and pictures and maybe a piece of clothing that smells like you or the kids...

    ps Thank you for your comments on my blog this week :)

  3. I was thinking a joke book. You know, the silly, kiddie ones.

  4. I have had quite a few friends deployed and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies always survived the trip! My friends also requested a cake (I sent a bundt cake and it actually survived the trip), magazines, little photo books (homemade, of family, or your house, or pets), or little homemade thought books (write down your kids favorite memories of their dad, or funny things they say!)....



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