Saturday, February 28, 2009


Friday was truly a busy day from the get go. But I still decided to take all the kids to Lampasas to the park after school with having Neva over for an extra night. It was beautiful outside and the next day was already just half of the temperatures. The kids love Brooke park and also the ducks and swans at the river even Soren was a butthead and probably would have been head first in the river if he had his way. If their tummies weren't growling they would not have wanted to leave there.

It might sound crazy driving over 20 miles just to go to the park, but Lampasas is a small town with charm and flair. The people are so friendly there whereever you go. Once a while we stroll through the tiny but charming old downtown area and last night we got to eat out at Medina's in real nice company. A place we will go back to if we are perhabs do not decide just to try one we do not know yet.

Afterwards I asked myself how I even could consider going to McDonald's before? lol

more pictures from the park

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