Saturday, February 14, 2009

a day full of hearts - red, pink, sweet, ...

Just in time we got to hang up our sun catchers at the kitchen window. The girls helped melting red, pink and orange crayons between wax paper with an iron and after letting the paper cool, just simply cut it out. Now we aer out of wax paper (our first roll of wax paper ever. lol)

The girls loved finding their flowers from Daddy in the morning on the table. Next two to little mailboxes with little treats and Soren surprised them with lots of hugs and kisses throughout the morning and a cute little bear for each of them and more hugs.


Do you remember this picture? Yes, we were recycling the Cove Herald and making papermache. At this step just soaking lots and lots of strips and tiny pieces of paper for 2 days in water until it looks like oatmeal and mush.

After expressing all the water out of it and adding white glue in the proportion 1 : 4 to the mix we form hearts out of it. It was very sticky and to a long time to try so eventually I just put it on a low temperature in the oven to speed to process up. After all we had plans to get them done by Valentines Day.

We started painting them while Soren was sleeping and still have some work ahead to see how we are finishing them up.


  1. Super Idee mit den geschmolzenen Crayons, daraus Herzen als Sun catcher zu machen.

    Die Pappmacheé Herzen sehen jetzt schon total schön aus. Bin schon ganz gespannt. Bei uns im Recycling nennt man das geshredderte Papier Aktenvernichtung lol.

  2. Wow. Those are some really neat ideas! I can't wait to see how the hearts turn out!
    Happy Valentine's Day...belated anyway. LOL

  3. Karin - For sure - you guys are not sitting there with scissors to cut up all the papers at the recycling company - gosh, we do own a papershredder, the question is only where is it?



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