Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Crafty Mieschief" Or "one or the other"

It's early when our girls go to the bus in the morning, still dark, so they are days Soren is still sleeping and there are days we crawl back in bed to doze off for a little bit longer. Today was one of those. But Soren wasn't dozing off as long as me and crawled out of my bed and thought he is a "sweetheart" and bringing me breakfast in bed or perhabs was just hungry, because he came back with one of his plastic bowls from the kitchen and set in next to me in bed. A moment later he took my big water glass and tried to fill his bowl with it and dumped it all on me. I was really fast out of bed. Believe me. Walking into the kitchen I find the sugar jar sitting on the floor in the middle of a sugary mess. Thanks, Soren.
So after breakfast with the sun out we went outside. There's enough to do and we took some picture of our papermachee hearts which are finally DONE. Done.
On some we painted the string, on some we didn't and left it natural. A few all red painted hearts we covered with different colored glitter as a little extra. Now we have to see what are going to do with them, after all the work it would be a pity to hide them in a box until next year for Valentines.
Perhabs you find them in you Easter nest again? LOL
Another little birthday present is finished. It is done since a few days, but waited desperately to be filled with crayons. The CRAYON ROLL for a little boy who turns TWO this weekend.

It was so much fun making it that I made two more right away, I just ran out of crayons, because my rolls have 17 instead of 16 slots. One crayon extra. Also I noticed I have a huge stack of fabric, I have no boys fabric besides those two and the frogs are all used up now. But there is more little cowboy fabric perfect for living in Texas.

I hope the little boy will like it as much as I had fun making it.
Do you think the water and sugar incidents were enough mieschief for one day? Then you don't know Soren.
He knows how to open doors since a few days. Fun. More fun he had today whenI changed him in a department store restroom and that stinker locked himself in the stall behind me while I packed my bag again. He and DOORS and LOCKS. Luckily he loves to lock and unlock them, too, because I really did not love the thought crawling underneath the door into the bathroom stall.
Now he is in bed and no more mieschief for today.


  1. LOL
    Oh, that Soren! Too cute.

    I love how the hearts turned out!
    And those crayon rolls are so neat. You are too crafty!

  2. oh, i love the paper mache hearts...the color is beautiful!



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