Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's time for some more pictures again and not just my talking, okay, you are not getting away from it. But you are coming voluntarily. lol.

On Monday was the birthday party of Soren's little friend. William turned 2. So the were only little boys on the party playing with blocks and cars and trucks and tools and the toy kitchen.

But soon the real kitchen got way more interesting with muffins being set on the plate ready for the table, but of course those two little butts didn't want to wait and hand their hands right their. PATIENCS, boys. I know you don't find that in the toy box, but still give the birthday mama's a moment to set it all up.

Yumm, yumm, one muffin, two muffins, three muffins, if Soren would have gotten his will he whole big plate would have been empty and probably the cheesecake, too, but luckily you can always get him with a banana two so the boys were off the table again to play and unwrap gifts.


  1. It looks like Soren is trying to become one with that cupcake. So funny.

  2. Soren is my type of guy! I could eat a whole plate of cupcakes too if allowed! LOL



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