Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just PICTURE it!

I know exactly what picture I want to take, butI can't. I see it every morning, but it is attached to my hand and to get the picture right I would need to step back and take it from far away so you get the right glimpse and see in focus what I get to see on a daily, every morning on a school day.

Every morning Soren could sleep in, snuggled in bed, but instead he gets up bright and early with the girls usually eats breakfast with them before 6.30 am already. Fifteen minutes later we are on the way to the schoolbus. He wears his green rubber boots and a yellow warm jacket with a giraffe (Chiara worn that one in Pre-K, so imagine how big our little guy is.)

Beside the girls there are two or three big boys waiting for the bus who gets them to the highschool or jr. high. The girls say Good Bye with kisses and hugs to both of us and hop on their bus. We cross the road, Soren is waving to Mr. Jim, the busdriver and to the girls leaving. We start walking home.

A moment later the 2nd bus comes to pick up the boys and now PICTURE it:

EVERY morning the big YELLOW BUS drives up with Mr. Jay. STOPS at the little boy with the YELLOW JACKET and waves to him before keeping on going to the bus stop. Soren is now waving back to him.

But it doesn't matter if we are almost at the house and has another two houses to go, Mr. Jay will stop the bus and wave to him or if he has five more feet to the bus stop, he will stop for Soren first, then pulls up for the boys to hop on the bus.

I wished I could catch it on a picture, but somebody has to hold the hand of the little boy in the yellow jacket walking at the road.

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  1. That would be such a cute picture! Can Bella take one of you walking with him?



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