Sunday, February 22, 2009

perspective of life can change within seconds

All the commotion in our front yard is over. It is quiet again. We had enough going on for a day.

The girls were playing outside. Soren, too. It only tool me a little bit longer to have everything inside prepped to throw the chicken on the BBQ. Yes, I picked the coldest February weekend to grill the whole weekend. But once I have a meal plan I stick to it. Okay, I try.

Ms. Chiara wanted her bike helmet from the car, so she got my keys and with Bella's help she got the helmet and did whatever, but for sure not what she was supposed to and what I expected her to do and that was bring Mama's keys back inside, hang them up or hand them to me. But no, the thought that my girls are responsible with my keys was wrong beause they didn't mind that their little baby brother took off with them outside in a huge yard.

Sometime later I wanted to make sure the car was locked I looked for the keys and couldn't find them so they admitted that Soren got the keys and had no idea where they were. Thanks. Not good. And believe me. Those two were in TROUBLE. So they started searching for the keays everywhere in, out and around while the chicken bbqed.

The food was ready, the keys were missing, gone, nowhere to be found. I feed the monsters of the house, all three and we went back outside searching, it was started to get dark.

By pure luck I dumped a big container full of toys out in front of the garage and found the keys. The girls could call themselves lucky.

While they were picky it up again we suddenly saw a car crashing against the pole at the corner of our yard and flipping upside down into our ditch in front of our eyes.

I grabbed my phone and ran. More people stopped. We called 911. Another man got to the car and helped the man crawl out of the car. Luckily he could.

The ambulance came and took him anyway. The police and fire department spent another hour here.

If he didn't hit the pole it might have been the car from the man and his sons who pulled him out of his car who passed him right then and there.

I was really upset about the girls being so thoughtless with my keys, but searching for hours outside for the keys doesn't seem like such a big deal compared the scare the daughter had when she came running to scene of the accident to find it was her dad's car.

(The ambulance was gone long ago and the car was getting pulled out of the ditch.)


  1. Wow, na gott sei dank scheint es noch glimpflich ausgegangen zu sein! War das einer eurer Nachbarn? Oh mann das arme Maedel... habt ihr was gehoert wie's ihm geht?

    Schoen dass Du Deine Schluessel wiederhast!
    Ich ruf Dich bald mal an, das mit der Verbindung letztes Mal hat einfach nicht hingehaun.
    Ganz liebe Gruesse

  2. oh my gosh, that definitely put things into perspective for me.

    just stopped by to thank you for commenting on my guest post over at tiffany's blog last week. thank you!

  3. OMG! Somebody learned a lesson! Hard way, though.



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