Friday, February 6, 2009

the two cutest stinker in town

How can I resist taking pictures of my little helper AND the object of today's photo session together? Not possible. But these two are truly the two cutest stinkers in town. Both having nothing but mieschief in mind as much as a 19 month old is able to think of.
In a few days there will be a preview of photos posted on the fingerprints fotografie blog.

Just in case you care.

We did it! We ate one really healthy meal! One meal of the magic cabbage soup as early lunch. lol. Here is my plate, straight out of the pot - there still a lot left. Doesn't look too bad from here.

Soren kept begging from my yesterday after he was done with dinner but spit it back out when I gave him a bite of carrot even he is the only person in the house who loves cooked carrots. So? Why do you keep begging, Soren? And smacking your lips next to me?

Today he got his own plate of some magic pureed cabbage soup over cooked chicken and potatoes. He did eat some of it, although today he was not smacking lipsbut he thought it was more fun smacking his spoon it .

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  1. I can see his little mind working behind those eyes! LOL How cute!



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