Tuesday, February 10, 2009

one, two little sewing projects

Yesterday I finally got to make (don't tell - sew) my secret valentine gift for a gift exchange. I got it done. But I can't show it here until it arrives at its recipient without spoiling the surprise just in case she peaks.

But I can show off the second sewing project started yesterday. I went garage shopping. Right around the corner of my kitchen. Just two steps away. And found a pair of jeans. Almost still perfect for Chiara just too short and the best part they were even FREE. Of course. It was my own garage.

After digging in some old BURDA kids sewing magazine a few days ago I sew a few pages about recycling old clothes. So we took the jeans, cut it off, about knee lenght and opened up the seams between the legs to convert it in a skirt. We added some colorful batik fabric in the front and the back plus a little belt and voila. Chiara is all happy with her new scrappy jeans skirt which she insist on wearing to school tomorrow. The skirt is not perfect, but she is happy.

P.S. I am gald I got to sew but it's even better that Chiara is all happy about the skirt and I am still smiling about it now and remmebering that I made a Bella a dress out of this batic fabric when Chiara was just born.

This little sneak came running into the picture all the time and just had a blast in the hallway being goofy and silly. But that is not really anything new.


  1. That's a lovely skirt - how wonderful for your daughter to learn of different ways to make something "new" again. That's a great talent that I'm sure will serve her well! Even better is your appreciation that it's really all about seeing the smile on your daughter's face and reveling in her enthusiasm!

  2. Der Rock sieht super aus - ein richtiger eye-catcher.

  3. Got to love those free garage sale finds. I wonder what I would find in mine.

    Funny, but I've been thinking about making a similar denim skirt. Now you've got me thinking pretty hard about it. I only have a bazillion projects stored in my head.

    Can't wait to see the gift you made.

  4. You are so talented!! The skirt is adorable and Chiara looks so happy!

  5. What a great skirt! It's so cute. You can tell she loves it!

  6. What a cute idea, I have been thinking of adding fabric to the bottom of too short jeans, but this is another alternative I will keep in mind. Keep up the great ideas.

  7. I *love* that skirt! *love, love, love*

    You could sell them on Etsy!

    Thanks so much for the get well wishes, they brightened my dayssss :)! I really appreciate it.


  8. That is an awesome idea!!!! It looks soo cute!!



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