Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring is coming - Paper Flower - Kids Craft

There are a few single flowers already growing out in the yard, but more were made last night inside just with scissors, construction paper and pipe cleaners.

The girls really just needed to see a flower made and came up with all kids of neat ideas.

We simply started cutting out three different sized circles out of three different colored construction paper (the circles were not even round to make it more artsy - lol).

Bend each circle gentle in half just to be able to snip a tiny hole/slit in the middle.

And then push the pipe cleaner through the holes starting with the biggest, medium to the smallest circle.

Bend the top of the pipe cleaner over in a small loop.

We twistes the pipe cleaner underneath the bottom circle to give the flower head a little bit more hold.

Here are a few more creations from the beginning, now we even flower looking like daisies and violets and so many more blooming all over the house. You never know where you are going to find one.


  1. How fun! The kids look so proud of their creations.

  2. Im sure that was tons of fun!! =) Those flowers are very pretty!!



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