Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't mess with my girls!

Yes, you read right. Don't mess with my girls! Bella got bullied in school. In class. At recess. Two different kids. It's just 2nd grade, but not all kids are friends anymore as in pre-k and some are pretty rough, some are way too rough, cruel and hurt others. And sorry, you don't mess with my girls!

We try to teach them to behave right, no to fight. I admit, at home the bickering doesn't stop, sisters get into each other, but I have never seen my kids hurting any of their friends on purpose. No way that that would ever be acceptable neither their siblings without consequences . We try that they solve their problems/fights with words or by walking away. Be the smarter one, it's not easy. I sometimes I do feel helpless and do not know what to tell her how to deal with a situation. But we are always trying.

But one thing is sure - as soon as Dad is back - BOXING lessons will be back on schedule, because my girls will know how to punch and to kick. They are smart and they won't be defendless, so you better leave them alone and do NOT mess with them.

That goes for future boyfriends, too.


  1. Boxing lessons! Too cute!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and choosing a Virtual Girl's Getaway. San Fran and Napa, two of my favorite places!

    Enjoy your weekend.

    BTW, I think we could all use some boxing lessons!

  3. I'm all for the boxing lessons. I do hope they never have to use the art though. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. That's awful that Bella was bullied. I hope her boxing lessons can help her show people who's boss. :)

  5. Im really sorry that she got bullied.. Im not ready for that...

    Boxing lessons are awesome!!!!



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