Thursday, February 5, 2009

is it really magic?

I got to know a few really neat people, some in real life, some through the internet, some I talk to and some I just read about. But the have all something in common. They all are seriously trying to loose weight and to get their body in shape. They are fighting the gravings, working hard on the discipline of not giving in and on the motivation to keep moving and being active.
They are really really working on it.

And me? I am thinking about it. I ate a lot less today. I even ate vegetable soup for dinner, the magic cabbage soup ("Die Magische Krautsuppe"). Me, the one who really does not like much soup and not much vegetable neither. I have a huge pot full standing in the kitchen which I would be allowed to eat anytime and as much as I want. lol.

I did my research before strolling with Soren by foot (plus stroller - see it as progress to the being active part and not taking the car even it was just around the corner) to the supermarket to buy cabbage and carrots. And literally everybody who wrote a review about this magic soup diet that it tastes great, but they couldn't get it down after a few days anymore.
So tonight I cooked dinner for the girls and Soren and made cabbage soup, just about half of the recipe and as much as fit in my pressure pot. It was easy and it does smell good. It does taste good. Surprisingly, although it does have cooked carrots in - I can't stand cooked mushy carrots.
I will eat some more tomorrow and try to remember my last prepregancy weight.
I am not going to live on cabbage soup for a week, it's not going to happen, but after adding all kinds of spices it is pretty good I could make it once a while and include it in my regular meals even Schnitzel with homemade Spaetzle sounds and tastes a lot yummier. For this week I try to substitute one meal with it and watch out what else I eat. I know I am not going to drop pounds , but just getting used to eat healthier in general is a good start and if there would be some magic happen I surely am not going to say no.

THE MAGIC CABBAGE SOUP RECIPE (the original version I found)
1 head cabbage
2 green bell peppers
2 pounds carrots
6 onions
bunch of sellerie
1-2 cans of tomatoes
soup spices
Chop it all up, heat it up and let it simmer for an hour.

1/2 head cabbage
2 green bell peppers
3 big carrots
1 huge sweet onions
bunch of sellerie sorry totally forgot those
1-2 cans of tomatoes
fresh garlic
Mrs. Dash Basil,Tomato & Garlic Seasoning, Pepper, Chipotle Hot Sauce

Chop it all up, sautee onions and garlic and add all the rest besides the spices in a pressure pot. cook it for 5 minutes. Season it. Voila. - Okay give it a moment to cool off.

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  1. Did I mentiomn that my whole kitchen smells like cabbage tomato chipotle soup?



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