Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hop, hop, hop

What do you say? I actually started early for once. The first EASTER decorations are done on time. That alone is an acomplishment, but the little felt egg shape ornaments with beaded hearts are also not breakable, I didn't say undestroyable for toddler hands, but I am realisitc and know we do NOT need to blow out real eggs for painting and hanging up. The girls would have a little fun and lots of creativity painting and decorating and we would have LOTS of DRAMA and TEARS and BROKEN eggshells. So, that has to wait another couple years or decades.

I just played a little around before and made this little heart ornament out of felt, but I like the egg once more. Those I fill a little with and it gives them some volume.

Here is a photo of the little gift for my secret valentine Jerrica. She received it on Saturday, so now I can show it to you, too. I send her a notebook with a fabric bookcover and of course it had to have hearts on it, it was a Valentine gift exchange.

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