Monday, March 23, 2009

More Colorado Pictures Part II - Garden of the Gods

A gorgeous spot in right on the edge of Colorado Springs is the Garden of the Gods. It is actually breathtaking there. Even the kids were all enchanted seeing it for the very first time.

We arrived at the Visitor Center to get a map and all the information of the park and started with lunch including the beautiful view. The ladies there were really nice and helpful and marked our map exactly with which way to drive to get to the easy trail for the kids and to see the balancing rock and to find our way out of the park again, too.

Another nice add on is of course the free entrance there -"Entrance to the park is free according to the wish of Charles Elliott Perkins, whose children donated the land to the city of Colorado Springs in 1909."

The kids had a blast and we did not get any complaints about how far they still had to walk. They were excited to discover the next rocks and to get a chance to climb on them, too, - in limitations.
By now I still find itty bitty rocks in pockets.

This is my favorite picture of all. Finally an afternoon with both girls and less drama, no bickering and complaing, but being happy sisters. Because lately we do have more the opposite. The can't live without each other, but don't want to be with each other usually until suddenly a moment like this is back.

Soren would try to climb if we let him, but digging in the red sand is sooooo much better. A bucket and a shuffle would have been all he needed.

We washed our hands so often after the park but it still seem to be some red stuck on it no matter how much soap we used. lol

Aren't they cute together?


  1. Superschöne Bilder, wow zur Landschaft - ich glaub, da hätte ich euch gern Gesellschaft geleistet. Mittlerweile ist Soren schon grösser wie Gab - hab ich da richtg gesehen??

  2. Adorable! What a gorgeous place to visit, too. I'm glad your kids get the chance to see so much of the world around them!

  3. I love the pics! Looks like a fun time! :O)



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