Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the countdown is on ...

Shall I just say "WHAT A WEEK!". I don't even go in detail for that.

Today was the girls' LAST TUMBLING CLASS for the summer. More or less. Bella was done and Chiara started warming up when a scap opened and started bleeding - she tumbled against the wall a few days ago in the house and two days ago she hurt her other foot sliding down the waterslide in the yard - while she brought the coach's first aid kit to me so we could put a bandate on her toe she slipped and hit the table with her chin. OUCH. Now she has a thick lip and probably a blue chin tomorrow, too and she is wooried if her friend's will see it.

The girls are also counting down the days to the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Seven more school days. Seven more days to get up at six in the morning or earlier for me. Seven more days with bus or less depending on in how much trouble Chiara got in on the bus today which I will find out tomorrow morning, because the bus driver wants to have a talk with me.
Tonight we also practised for the last time the 100 words for the SPELLING BEE tomorrow. Isabell made it to the be one of the 5 best spellers in her class and advanced to the 2nd graders spelling bee tomorrow in the cafeteria. So I am inivited. There will be all 2nd graders watching and I am already getting nervous for her. LOL. She is all excited.

Chiara keeps asking when we are leaving for Germany, Bella knows the date. That girl knows everything, doesn't mean she does it. I have ELEVEN MORE DAYS to be ready. The suitcase and bags moved in my bedroom and we will start packing soon, hopefully, because I will have plenty to do to get this place ready for the our departure.

I have until July 3rd to become a Texas resident. Not really. Only till Friday in a week. But I need to try a little bit earlier because my driver license is running out while I am overseas and officially I am still living in MASSACHUSETTS at least my driver license says so. So I have to go through the whole drama of applying and transfering an out of state license. Plus my car expires, too. I admit, I do not like DMV visit, very much, they are usually very time consuming especially since we moved into this county and I can't go to the tiny DMVs anymore. And I never wanted to become a Texas resident.

15 more days and my baby boy TURNS TWO. He doesn't even look like he is TWO. Not like one neither. lol. I saw a cute t-shirt at Walmart that says "I am two". I would have bought it. But the biggest size was 3T and sorry that is way TOO SMALL for my baby boy. We don't buy 3T t-shirts anymore.

15 more days or a couple more, because we don't know and won't know until we know. Until the phone rings and Leland says "I am HERE. Please pick me up." But the here won't be Fort Hood, Tx. It won't be the Killeener or Dallas airport neither. But one seccret place in Germany. It is so secret that neither him or me even know it because not even the army knows it yet. Great, isn't. Doesn't matter. We will figure it out. Germany is only so big or so small and we are going to see him really really soon. Perhabs even for Soren's 2nd birthday. Wouldn't that be neat.

So keep your fingers crossed for us that it works out plus all the others things that need to , too, and no more accidents neither small or big. Then we are all set. And can shower you with pictures from Germany all summer long.


  1. Ohje du Arme - du hast ganz schön viel um die Ohren. Ich würde dir gerne helfen, aber das wird wohl nicht funktionieren. Ich kann dir nur helfen, dass du dich dann in Deutschland hoffentlich von dem Stress etwas erholen kannst. Das mit Leland wär super wenn es klappen würden - ich drück euch alle Daume. Jajaja, die geheimen Orte der Army - hoffentlich finden sie vor lauter geheimhalten Deutschland *lol*

    Bis bald

  2. "And I never wanted to become a Texas resident". heh. I was in the same situation when I moved there. I was a Marylander and that's what I'd always be. It seemed to me that by establishing residency in TX., I was a traitor or giving up my heritage. Plus, the DMV pretty much sucks.

  3. Fingers are crossed! What a fun adventure you are going to have!



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