Saturday, May 30, 2009

slowly packing

- it does really happen - we live in the country -
I started packing - okay -

#1 I pulled the suitcases and bags out of the attic, which is an act by itself knowing our attic,

#2 purchased more luggage, because our family addition two years ago came naked and not in travel equipped

#3 started laundry and collecting clothes for two months and every type of weather besides snow.

Now I get to my dilemma that I do not know what and how much to pack for five people. Moving is easier. EVERYTHING goes. Eventually I will figure out what to pack for the kids and if I forget something I guess we go shopping, but I truly don't want to pack TOO MUCH and I usually do.

Me, that is a whole different story. I have to find something in my closet that fits. Usually most of the stuff was too tight, too small. Now since February I lost 25 pounds which is great and some old clothes fits again, - they are old now - but if even your underwear is two sizes too big then it gets crazy. lol

Anybody wants to pack for me?

1 comment:

  1. I hate packing...for a trip OR moving. Either one. LOL

    You can do it!!



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