Saturday, May 30, 2009

how to unlock a samsonite suitcase or not

I own two samsonite suitcases. Both have numbers locks. Tonight we were getting ready to throw the first pieces into the suitcase because right everything is spread chaoticly in my bedroom and when I try to open suitcase number two with the number combination I recall nothing happens. WTH!!! It must be the right one. Both have the same one! And one suitcase is already open. At least I thought so. I try to recall all possible 3 number combinations can think off. Even my kids birthdays shortened to 3 digits even they are all born after the luggage purchase. NOTHING. NADA. NIX. NIENTE.

What shall I do next. I doubt waiting to ask my husband will help me much further. Do I really think he remembers any number combination? NO.

Next idea. GOOGLE. Google works for everything and I know I am not the only one who my have a problem opening such a suitcase - still believeing that the shown number combination is actually right - it was even set when I got it from the attic. Mmmmmmm?!?
Googles suggestions did not work. Some were plainly not appropriate. Cracking the lock with tools and flashlight did not work. So what was left to do.

Step 1: Collecting your supplies

Movie - pick one you have watched before
Mini Crunch
Nail File

Step 2: Put the movie in and find a comfy spot on the floor and place the suitcase in front of you with the number wheels up.

Step 3: Set the numbers to "000" or "999" and then start going through all number combinations from one end to the other and trying with each combination to open the lock. Make sure you don't miss one. I also assure you that you will start at the wrong end with the numbers, because I did start at "999" and got lucky "176", by the way the number the lock was supposed to be is "174". I should simply have started at "000".

You might wonder what the other supplies are for.
The chocolate was needed for MOTIVATION after 300 number combinations and the nail file is needed now to fix my nails on my thumbs after turning the wheels more as 1000 times to open my freaking suitcase.

Imagine this would have happened the night before we left.

I still do not know how the number combination changed because I know we did not set this number and right now I am surely not changing anything, but there is a good solution for that.

We need to travel way more often with that suitcase as every three years.


  1. That's quite the task. I applaud you for not using a chainsaw, because I think that may have been my solution.

  2. I agree with Nora. You get my applause. I'm sure I would have thrown the thing at least a few times.



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