Tuesday, June 2, 2009

travel preparations backwards - lol

Usually on every trip we would arrive at the airport with lots of luggage, me and the kids, we are always flying internationally if we are flying so double your luggage allowance and add the stroller and carseats and now we are adding Soren to our former calculations that makes a huge amount of check in luggage.

Do I really want to count how much luggage we have altogether?

3 suitcases
5 bags
no carseats - we are improving our preparations.
2 trolley carry ons
2 backpacks carry ons
somewhere I need to squeeze my computer and my camera bag into or to I really want to carry another personal item, I have no more free hands
kid with monkey on his back attached to prevent taking off
luckily not all the stuff packed is for us - lol - so we have enough space to bring goodies back if we want to. we are eactually really good in limited what we take for us but everybody who visits is nice and always brings us what we are missing here so we love to return the favor.

But back to the airport arrival. First thing to do after finding the check in counter on a big airport is to get those little suitcase tags a pen and then standing in line and hurrying up fill then tags out. After writing the first few my writing would get sloppy hardly readable to get done until it is our turn. Try that plus watching your three kids who are all jumpy and excited because of the trip which is worse as a sack of flees. I already improved by simply bringing stickers, but this time I had none, so after we pass our little tiny airport every other day Soren and me stopped there today and just grabbed a bunch of those tags for us and our friends who are flying the same day on the same overseas flight. It took us only a couple minutes to get in and out and parking was free, isn't good to live in the middle of Texas with not so much around, I do not even have one traffic light to get to the airport.

The girls still don't know that they will meet our friends at the gate in DALLAS, we keep that as little surprise so they will be all excited and then busy we moms get a break, even Soren will have a little friend to travel with.


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