Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Papa (germ.) - Daddy (engl.)

He is here.
Finally after six months gone.
After three days of travel through three countries.
For two short weeks.
And he brought Soren a little camel.
Soren is all smiles with Daddy.
The kids stayed here and slept in when I picked Leland up from the airport in Frankfurt. Getting up at 3.30 am still with jetlag and driving for 2.5 hours was enough for me to get to the airport. But it was a beautiful drive so early in the morning, picture worth, but there was no way I would have stopped. I couldn't wait to see Leland again, even I had to wait an hour at the airport after arriving their until he finally stepped through out the doors.


  1. :) Aw..... I felt your happiness through your words. What a wonderful day it is for all of you! That sure looks like one happy kid there.

  2. enjoy your two wks. the time is so brief isn't it? when does he get to stay home for good? my mom was basically both mom & dad to me and my brother since dad was in the navy and gone a lot. that always sucked :(

  3. Yay!!!! I'm so happy the family is together again even if only for just a few weeks! Soren looks so happy to be with his Daddy again and I am sure the girls and you feel the same way. Enjoy your time together!

  4. Yahoo! Hope you all have such a wonderful time! And so loving your pictures of Germany!

  5. Yay for him coming home! I hope you all enjoy your time spent together!

  6. What an awesome reunion! Enjoy every moment! This post just warmed my heart!!



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