Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Killeen - Dallas - Frankfurt(Germany)

We made IT!

Soren as on his first plane trip from Killeen to Dallas trying desprately to get rid of his seat belt, having neither snacks nor toys handy after both carry ons were taken from us before we even entered the plane but Chiara still thought we were flight on a "big" plane. Yeah 3 seats in a row is a big plane. Just wait until you see the next plane with 9 seats in a row and how many rows?

We had plenty of time in Dallas for lunch and play time and time to wait for the plane to arrive and to meet Anja and her kids at the gates. What a surprise for the girls! They didn't believe their eyes. We thought it would keep the girls busy on the trips having friends there. We were so wrong. The big kids were just busy by themselves, the two little ones had a blast together, especially sitting right behind each other. By pure luck - because we booked a month apart and hardly believed our eyes when we got our boarding passes out. So Sophia and Soren already walked hand in hand to the airplane, absolutely adorable and shared snacks and toys and seats for more as nine hours expect for the times either one of them finally crashed and slept.

And we made it to FRANKFURT with all our luggage
on a absolutely totally beautiful rainy day.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ihr Lieben,

    freu mich dass ihr gut angekommen seid in Deutschland! Ich wuensch Euch eine schoene Zeit dort!!! Meine Eltern fliegen naechste Woche auch wieder heim.
    Ganz liebe Gruesse!!!



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