Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Geburtstag (germ.) - birthday (engl.)

June, 12 2009 - our baby boy turned 2.


He is really not a baby anymore, since a long time, but will always be the baby of the family.He already is such a big boy with the size of almost a three year old, smart as a button, talking NOT, but silly and goofy and twisting everybody around his little finger. He knows how to get what he wants and more. He actually does listen pretty good most the time, sometimes not, but he is two, so it is expected.

Chiara helped blwoing out the candle a little more as wanted, but he was more fascinated as blowing. He could keep practising for the day when Dad was there, too, so wait and see how he did do then. Soren loved the cake anyway of course eatinf with a fork because you can NOT eat with your fingers.

By now Soren is also expert in unwrapping gifts even he first was ready to hand his presents out, but by now he knows how to rup of the papers fast even once a while he needs help with the ties. Believe me you hardly ever use gift bags in Germany but you use lots of tape and ties with knots and knots and ribbons.

Of course Karin stopped by with birthday wishes and hugs and kisses.

Now all that was missing was Daddy. He already left Iraq and was waiting in Kuwait for more flight information to Germany. We finally got his arrival time and airport. He was flying to Bahrain and then to Frankfurt and ready for pick up there at 6.40 the next morning.

So he would made it by Texas time for Soren's birthday ignoring the time difference.

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  1. Happy Birthday kleiner (GROSSER!!!) Soren!!! Wir freuen uns auch sehr dass Leland jetzt endlich wieder bei Euch ist. Geniesst die Zeit zusammen und ganz liebe Gruesse an euch alle!!! Sandra, Chris, Stevie und Stevie's Oma und Opa!



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