Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eiskrem (germ.) - ice cream (engl.)

Can we truly still count how often one of us or all of us already ended up back at one of the italian ice cream places? I don't think so. Today the girls, Karin and me were in town and we sampled Chocolate and Maracuja flavor. And Bella for sure regretted choosing gummibears instead of icecream.

A few days Leland and me took Soren in town and he got ice cream there for the first time. Yes, we are eating ice cream almost everytime. It is soooooo good. And 80 cents for a scoop.

White Chocolate, Tiramisu and Joghurt Flavor that time. LOL

Look at him. He got a cone, but no he can't eat from it and lick it, he needs a spoon before even trying it.

But he LOVED the icecream.
The Guinness and the Kilkenny at the Irish Pub does taste good, too, but only for the grown ups and it's nice to have a kids free evening. We went out in that pub almost 15 years ago, too.

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