Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wald und Wiese (germ.) - forest and ....

Just down the parking lot between two houses is a overgrown way into fields open with no fences. There used to be nothing but fields when I grew up all the way back to the forest, now one side has another set of houses, but you still can see all the way back to the forest. The grass is grown higher as Soren is tall in some spots.

These pictures were taken on one of the few warmer days at the beginning of our stay here. After that it was almost always raining and cold. The last two days are the first two warm days again and we finally could use some of our summer clothes. If it should stay warm or at least dry then we might make a stroll through all those fields to the forest. Luckily here it's a state forest and not all private, so you are allowed to use all the the trails between the fields and there are not fences and gates as far as I could see and remember - as in Texas.

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