Monday, June 15, 2009

Ansbach - Altstadtfest - Eisessen - Bummeln (in german)

and in englisch - 'Ansbach - Altstadtfest - ice cream - shopping'

Shortly after we arrived here we went into town to shop for Soren's birthday present. We easily could have just gone to a toy store but we are in Germany and so you have to enjoy the shopping besides the just "the shopping". So after strolling through the toy store and walking through the mall we went the old downtown of Ansbach where just the "Altstadtfest" started out with benches, food and music everywhere. We got to eat our first italian icecream. Yummy. Do you want to know all the flavours we picked. From chocholate, smurf (lol), banana, lemon, melon, yoghurt, ......... there are so many more and we have to go so often more that we can try all the others they are just delicioso. The fest was going on for days til late in the night believe late late not just 10 or 11 pm. I picked Leland up from the Frankfurt airport two days later and drove through the town by 4 am and people were walking home.

The girls enjoyed the fist fair rides while Soren slept through all the noise and music in the stroller.

And YES, Ansbach does have lots of MODERN and UGLY sculptures. I got told they actually get paid for putting them for a year. Let's see how many of them we find. But we can try to make them fun. The will get them weird remarks as soon as Leland gets to see them.

The girls tested out all the circus equipment that was available for kids in the mall. The bells were easy. Riding a one wheeled bike was not, neither walking on wooded poles, no clue how you call it in English, so use you imagination.

Soren tested the toybox thoroughly. He fits in. Just as in the bedroom wardrobe. As in the kitchen cabinet. As behind the couch. If it will hold for long no idea, but for right now he gave the toys a box and is watching German KIKA TV.

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  1. Oh you lucky girl! It looks like a great time..oh how I would love to see Germany.
    I couldn't believe that sculpture, I had to look twice. It just doesn't seem right but the kids sure look cute tuggin the dog!



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