Thursday, June 11, 2009

Regenwurm(germ.) - earthworm(engl.)

Rubberboots. Dirt. Work. Weed picking. And all three of mine screamed
'Me, Me, Me!' helping in Opa and Oma's garden.
Can you believe it? I had the view from upstairs.

Goofy and silly as always.

Exploring what's crawling in the ground once, twice and again and again.

'Earthworms, she really wanted to buy some to take home. Thankfully, for once I agree with customs restrictions about import restrictions of living things!'

Bella kept helping till the end, if she want s to keep weed eating the is more yard work and geardening to do in Karin's garden. Plus picking strawberries. Her mom already made us strawberry pie yesterday. Yummy. Two days in a row fresh homemade strawberry pie.

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