Monday, June 8, 2009

the last day of school ...

was on Friday. Three days ago. It took a few days to download the pictures from the camera and I am only doing it right now at 1.38 in the morning because I need to make a backup of my computer before packing my laptop and my camera into the carry on.

But Friday was FINALLY the last day of school. Not the last day of getting up early. But close to. Soren carried for the last time this school year one of his sister's backpack's to the bus stops.

Do you remember this post Just Picture IT? It didn't change, till the last day. Even one the last day Mr. Jim, the girl's busdriver waved to Soren. And while walking back to the house the highschool bus came along and stopped for Soren, Mr. J. opened the door, waved to Soren and said "Have a nice summer!" before he closed the door again and continued the last few feet to the busstops to let the boys get on the bus.

One difference - I did bring the camera once.

Chiara & Mrs. Chaney, her Kindergarden teacher

Isabell & Mrs. Chapman, her 2nd Grd. Teacher

And of course the last school day pictures with friends can't be missing.


And now I finish up packing because our countdown is down to 1.
Tomorrow about this time we will be in Germany, just landed. That tells you that I should get the last few items packed, get to bed to catch the sleep I never get before travelling because believe I am dreading to fly with my three rugrats big and small. It is a long flight from Dallas to Frankfurt, but breakfast will be good and we arrive at breakfast time even there won't be much of a nighttime. LOL

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  1. Have fun in Germany!!

    That picture of all three kids with their backs turned and Soren carrying his sister's backpack about brought tears to my eyes.



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