Sunday, May 10, 2009

fun in the sun

Just add some water to the mix and that's pretty much all you need. Did I forget something?

I guess - YES - my crazy kids.
But here you with a picture overload! It just has to be.

- We are still working on good action shots. Okay, they work on the action, I am on the shots. -
Bella tried to sneak Soren under the sprinkler, but no chance. He had enough tring to get me wet with his little toys and just splashed.

Soren got his birthday present early this afternoon. We won't be here and I am not going to pack in the huge box of the little baskeball hoop just to fl it all the way over the ocean and back. I also didn't want him have to wait two months for it. So we put it up for him this afternoon and he loves it. He is too funny with it anywa trying to throw the Basketball in on top and to catch it o the buttom at the same time one hand at each opening. Silly boy!


  1. They all look like they are having a blast. Soren in his swim trunks = CUTE. The girls look like they are in a kids'swimwear ad.

  2. What fun pictures...I was thinking the same thing as the other comment...its like a little Boden catalogue!

  3. YOU are awesome! Your shots are just amazing. After each one I was "oooh'ing" and "aaah'ing"


  4. Those are gorgeous shots of beautiful kids!
    It made me kinda sad....I remember loving to get squirted and frolic in the water. Now I cannot stand to get wet. But I can still spray the younguns!



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