Monday, November 24, 2008

Bienvenidos al Merkatido

You are barely there and you can see the vivid colors of the houses and shops. You an hear the music palying. The the trolley car waiting and people strolling.

We have not see much of San Antonio yet, but it is not so far from us the we can not come back and get to know a little bit more of this town. On Sunday it was 'El Mercado'.

Before leaving town again we ate late lunch right there at 'La Margarita', sitting outside. The kids of course just ordered the Classoc Cheeseburgers sharing with Soren.We instead got delicious mexican dishes. Soren was sitting inhis highchair between Leland and me and had his own green extra plate. We filled it with some fries and bites of Cheeseburgers and also gave him tidbits of ours and Leland added some mexican rice. A moment I can't nothing but laught, because Soren had picked out the one single green pea and dropped it right in the middle of Dad's refried beans. We just found the one green dot laying in the beans as end result. What a RACKER.
By the way he loves beans, so we fed him the beans with the fork and then Leland just pirced the green pea on his fork and lifted it up to Soren. His mouth wide open waiting for more food like a little bird. Right before the pea touch his lips he snapped it closed and it stayed close for the green pea.


  1. I have never been there, but I always wanted to check it out... It looks wonderful!

  2. I have always wanted to go to San An. Hopefully someday we will!
    I love the colors there. Wow!

  3. Looks beautiful. Is that along the river walk? My inlaws raved about the riverwalk, oh and the Spurs game. LOL

  4. SA is one of my FAVE vaca spots. We go at least once a year. La Margarita is always a stop for us. Either their or El Tiempo (same owners). I think the food is ok, but the ritas are the best I have ever had.



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