Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Season is here

There is a lot going in every way and shape and form. A busy time with activities, work, preparation and thinking and worries. But as always we just have to make the best out of it.
I missed out on posting for a while, just didn't find the time and thenerve to do it and then finally blogger decided not being my friends and didn't upload any pictures. How can I post without pictures?
So you missed out on our turkey hand pictures and Soren having painting hi shands with watercolors again and again. Perhabs I post the pictures to it later on on my craft blog, bu he had fun. So much fun that we had to repeat the painting session two days later again with all the kids crowded around the table messing with paints excuse me painting artistically. lol. I finally got to paint the letter for Soren's name with stripes and dots (fingerprints, we have to stay true to the name). Soren tried to get his fingers on those, too, but should stick with watercolors instead of acrylic paints for right now.
After Thanksgiving I took all the fall decorations down besides a few forgotten pumpkins and a few days later Leland and the kids pieced the tree together and added the lights. I added the first four ornaments, but then the tree was standing there sadly for a few days until we could finish decorating it (thanks to another stomach bug making the round here).
The handprint-snowman ornaments were the first ones up, we made those last year with all three and I am glad they survived the move. It was an experience to make them with a five months old baby's handprints and four hands required.
Leland is getting ready for his deployment and time is running fast so we having an early xmas planned this weekend. We don't want him and the kids miss out on have a few more special days together. The girls are excited for the xmas and the presents, Soren probably more for the wrapping and the bows and the boxes. LOL. As long as it makes them all happy.
Yesterday was finally my post-op appointment in the hospital and I did luckily get good result back from the pathology as benign tumors instead of malignant. No cancer and I do not need a another surgery, just a few more tests and yearly check ups.
And I am glad that I do not have another hospital stay, Soren was really mad at me and did not even once get near me while I was there. And he is a true mama's boy, so it was heart breaking seeing him acting like this. Now he is back being a mama's boy but getting more and more independent, curious and fast.

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