Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daddy, look at me!

I am 18 months old,
weigh 31 pounds and
am 35.5 inches tall.

Dr. Homsi checked me out,
he listened to me, on me and in me,
he looked at me and in my ears.
I can walk even run.
I have a voice loud and quiet, but not enough words yet.
He even thinks I am sliming down,
but Mama is laughing about that
because she thinks I am still too heavy to be carried.
But you know all that, don't you?

Love Soren

After Soren's appointment we made a trip to Ikea to get Bella's Xmas present. Pst, don't tell her. We found it and a few more necessesities which inlcude the red potty Soren chose, a step stool for the bathroom, ... and a few neat xmas wrapping items. We all love Ikea even if do need some it is fun strolling through. If you have never been there, go there.
On my way back I turned on the GPS in the car to test it a little, even I know the way perfectly well, so to make it more interesting and perhabs to find a new way home we turned a road earlier, the sign said "Maxwell Road". There was a sideroad joining our usual road home called "Maxwell Road". The GPS already had a way figured out and so we went and went and went. The road got narrower but kept going. It made us turn in a smaller road and still no sign of "Maxwell Road". Okay, the maps are all updated and then there finally was a familiar road name again "Oakalla Road". mmmh. That was closer to home as "Maxwell", but why should I complain. The road turned into gravel. MMMMH. Should I doubt his directions, we live in the country and lots of side roads leading to Oakalla road are gravel, ok, let's keep going. Whne another sign posted noted that we are entering a Wildlife Ranch I got more as just suspicious, but the GPS said less 0.4 miles to Oakalla Road. BUT, come on, I shouldn't be in there, don't you think so? I am not saying it wasn't interesting and a beautiful country side, but not a public road!

But the Wildlife Ranch as asphalt roads again!

So we made most of the way back and tried to follow the rangers direction because you just can't drive the whole way back to the highway, if you are almost already there. But somehow it was just not exactly where we intended on going and ended up behind the house almost in Oakalla. If we are already there then at least we can take a few pictures, too, but really only a few because it was the coldest day in Texas so far this year.

After hitting that road we were familiar with all again and came home the back way. With quite a few miles extra and at least 30 minutes later.
Dear GPS,
I put my trust in you and you failed miserable. And not just us as I was told from the Ranger.
If you don't know the way then don't pretend you do and I just keep using mapquest and a printer or a plain map. We made it without you all my life before, so we could do it again if you fool us like that again. Or shall I say thank you that I just ended up in the middle of nowhere instead of in a lake?


  1. Don't give up on the GPS if it's like mine it "learns" over time that actual routes you shoudl take in your area by putting in a destination and then going the most desireable route for you.

  2. Oh yes, GPS has led us astray many a times! LOL
    What a cute little update on his 18 month check-up. I'm sure his daddy is going to love that!
    We are FINALLY getting an IKEA here in CO. I can't wait until it opens. I'm sure I will be addicted.

  3. Oh how fun!!! Soren you are getting cuter as you get bigger!



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