Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bring them all back home safe

A glimpse in the life of a real army wife
The day none of us wanted to come was here again, not for the first time for lots of us.
Leland's bags were getting packed up. Soren was helping more or less. And in the early afternoon with mixed feelings we had to leave to get all the bags dropped off.

Those bags were not packed tight but heavy, but even soldiers have to stick to the weight limit for the flight and all their stuff got weighed and some even repacked. They helped each other out to get all their equipment ready to be loaded up. So after waiting we had some time to get some food and time away from everybody.

We had to wait again for the next step to get them ready and even the sun was still out the wind was strong and all those last phone calls were hard to do and understand.

Some stolen kissed in between.




Some said their good-byes at home or have nobody here.

We love you.
Hours later we had to let them gone.

And saw them all leaving.

Bring them all home back safe.

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P.S. Don't be surprised that our phone is not answered, not yesterday, not today. If you want to leave a message, we might get back to you later.


  1. Nicole, this post was really touching and made me emotional. Your family is really strong and doing what they have to do, and I have a lot of love and respect for that. You'll all be in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo

  2. With tears streaming down my face all I can say Nicloe is (((HUGS)))! <3 ya girl!

  3. Girl! I was there awhile ago... I'm here for you.. right down the road!

  4. i was a navy brat for 22 yrs, so i know this from a child's perspective. not seeing your father, husband, child, etc. for months or even yr at a time. my dad was not really around much until my teen years. it's hard, but you can get through it. be strong.

    p.s. thx for stopping by my blog & commenting :)

    btw are you german? i'm not, but i love german things & want to visit someday. my cousin married a german girl & lives there now.

  5. Ciara - yes, I am German.

    We are used that he is not home so much and know how to do pretty much everything by ourselves and just have to make the best out of it, BUT it is getting harder on the girls and distraction therapy is necessary, they are missing him so much, he is missing so many birthdays & holidays in a row and they are older this time and asking more tough questions like "What's when you are not coming back home?"

  6. Thank you for your family's sacrafice. His service is our freedom.

  7. Oh Nicole, thank you for sharing with us. Beautifully written.
    You all are in my thoughts and prayers this holiday season and always! Until they are home again...

  8. My love and all moy positive thoughts are out to you, your family and your extended military family. Bring 'em home safe.

  9. ((((Hugs))) fuer Euch alle. Kann mal wieder nur schwer die richtigen Worte finden. Melde dich wenn du mich brauchst und sei's nur zum quatschen. keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers... lots and lots of hugs

  10. i am right there with gen!!! too many tears!! we are here for you! {{{{HUGS}}}}

  11. How sad... how important... how special. Yes, they are going off to deploy... that must be hard... but you the wife are having to let them go...I can't imagine that!

    I am so sorry that ou have to say goodbye!

  12. Prayers and hugs at this time.

    I've answered the questions about you on my blog in the comments of that post. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Nicole, I'm so touched by your post. It brought tears to my eyes. I feel for you and your kids. I have so much respect for your husband's courage and you also for the strength you must possess for your children. Thank you for writing such a beautiful post.

  14. (((hugs to you all))) i really do feel for you. like i said before, my dad missed a lot of our bdays/christmases. finally in our teen years, he was home more.

    it definitely is hard on the kids, but i can tell you're doing your best to make it easy for them. :)my mom was the one who definitely held it all together. she was a foreigner who knew no one & didn't know american ways when we first came to the states. she made sure that we wouldn't have problems. she was both mom & dad many years.

  15. Im have tears on my eyes... This post was so touching... I wish I could hug you tight right now... and the kids... ((((HUGS))))



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