Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The best day EVER today and tomorrow and

Sunday was Chiara's best day ever! Today was the same! Even Bella decided today was the best school day ever! I doubt it, BUT am surely not complaining that the occupational therapy called keeping busy worked well.

The day was filled with cutting and snipping papers to make an endless amount of "beautiful" paper snowflakes after we have soooooooo many NOT outside.

Adding some houses, stars and trees and taping it all to the one window that is not covered with sunscreens. Taping, yes we had to do some magic to hold the lights outside around that window.

The girls were painting ornaments and managed to get the paint on the ornaments instead of on themselves. Soren just woke up from a late nap, so got to kept us company with his sleepy face and sorry, acrylic paints are not intended for his hands neither, those have to stick to watercolors for now.

I know it's not so spectacular, but the kids had fun making it, Soren can touch it from the outside without destroying it and knock on stone still keeps his hands of on the inside. I bet he is tempted.

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  1. They look great! What a fun project. Great pictures!



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