Friday, December 26, 2008

The Christkindl comes on Christmas Eve

Well, the day of Christmas Eve was not as stressful as usual. All the presents were wrapped, the house cleaned the night before pretty much, so it worked out well what was left to do.
So after eating early simple dinner, everybody got dunked in the tub and dressed to go to church. I still have to figure out why a children's service is 1.5 hours long. It's hard to survive with three kids. But we made it.
A little while later back at home the Christkindl stopped by and left all the presents under the tree. Yes, we changed it to how we do it at home. With presents unwrapping gifts Christmas Eve.
We still leave cookie and milk out for Santa, if he stops by and leaves something small in the stockings as a treat, but the presents are not from Santa. I believe the kids need to know from who they are and to who say thank you to.

Karin - guck mal, dieses Jahr haben sich die Geschenke im Rahmen gehalten im Gegensatz zu letztem Jahr, das war zu verrueckt.

Soren is not quiet, but doesn't say too much neither, yet, but he is working on something that sounds like "chou-chou".

"S-N-O-W-M-A-N spells snowman"

Hugs and Horses fit to Chiara just as to Soren.

And more silly hugs.
Serious for once.

And a Letter to Daddy.

Karin - I sniffed out my treats even while all the presents were still wrapped.

Cookies and Milk LEFTOVER and a note from Santa.

But I guess I need to work on Santa's handwriting and can't forget to eat the reindeer food in front of the door next year.


  1. Nicole, I love the pictures! I love the ones with you in them too! You are so pretty!

    It looks like you def. all had fun with the cookie houses.

  2. Nicole you have one beautiful family! Merry Christmas! <3 ya!

  3. I love how each family has a different tradition... In my house, ALL the gifts are from Santa, but somebody asks Santa for those gifts. For example, we tell the girls: Grandma asked Santa for this gift for you, so my girls will thank Grandma for asking it to Santa. We may change this later on, but so far that is how we have done it, especially since the only one that asks for specific gifts is Gaby and she asks for one or two... so all the gifts are a surprise.... Later on when they make long lists, maybe they can have the stocking and one gift from Santa, and everything else from the person who got it... Will still be on Christmas morning, though...

    And SHAME on you on forgetting "EATING" the reindeers food!! LMAO!!!!



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