Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcome Ms. Eliza

and Abby of course, too.

Almost a week ago we met Eliza and her mom for the first time even we them since more as 18 months already. Just not in person. Abby is one of the Jiving June Junkies I talk to online, it is a small private group online that have at least two things in common - a baby born in June 2007 and being a great person and friend. Her little beauty Eliza is born the same day as Soren right here in Texas just on post at Darnell while we were across the interstate in the Metroplex hospital. Because they left for a while we never got the chance to meet them before now.

After a few toy fights the two little ones are coming along pretty good and my big girls love the little cutie pie who always wants to dance. Just be aware mom, if she turns out like Chiara you have a twirly twirl on your hands.

It is fun to see them play together, but will be easier on our ears if we can throw all four kids outside to play. They are just so excited.

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