Sunday, December 7, 2008

Family Night - School - Friends - Life

Thursday evening was family night at the girls' school with multiculture holiday theme, BECAUSE they MUSTN'T call it xmas party. I know there are lots of different opinions and lots of different cultures, tell me, I am NOT American, but why not celebrating xmas in school? Why not being tolerant and open minded to let your children get to know a different culture even if it is not your own. Let my children get to know how to celebrate a Jewish Holiday, Kawanza, ... I would appreciate it. There is no reason to get all upset about everything.

Back to the family night. Scholastic had a bookfair there with 50% off, so I easily could let the girls pick a few books with not too many restrictions. I love books and they love books, so it is quite hard to put limits right there, but they both walked out with three books each and of course a few of those had to be read right away the same evening.

After slowly getting through the hallway playing games and being crafty we ended up in the cafteria to munch on cookies and hot chocolate. Soren was in heaven being spoiled by the former aids of the girls with lots of cookies. Thank you Mrs. Austin and Mrs. Fox, the kids adore you two.

Chiara and Valentina are friends since age three and spent two years in the same class with Mrs. Fox. They both grew up sooooooooooo much and are such big girls now. For me it is just amazing that they already know each other for three years, regarding the fact that we are all military and usually as soon as you find a friend, they are leaving or we are. So those friendships are VERY special. Both their Dads are deploying together the same day going to the same place.

Isabell and Cheyenne were together in first grade with Mrs. Austin and are just too sweet. Cheyenne just can't get enough of Soren whenever she sees him at school.

Here is the munchkin. Alex, Valentina'a younger brother took him under his winh on the way to the cookie buffett (lol). Who knows, perhabs they both planned to raid it together if his Dad wouldn't have called a STOP.

And we can't forget Neva, my extra kid. One of Bella's best friends and Chiara's. She has also been in the same Kindergarden and first grade class as Bella. She is NOT moving, luckily Scott is already retired and hopefully staying in one place for now.

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