Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Gingerbread Architectures for Dummies"

Are there any classes that teach "How to built a gingerbread house" with specialty "using graham crackers" or is there the book "Gingerbread Architectures for Dummies"?

I do not think it comes as guarantee with being a mom that you know how to make a gingerbread house that looks like one and not just the shag from Santa's naughty elves. And for sure don't remember how often we had to rebuilt a graham cracker ruin and Bella's still ended up being remodeled from a double wide house to a single with garage attached - the roof kept falling off again and again and again.

Chiara got a good hang on it. And it turned out cute. Don't dare to say something else even if you think different. Comne on it's real chocolatey.

Soren had a blast after from the beginning to the end. He started with raiding my graham cracker stash so we had to use protective force and secretly exchanged them for animal crackers. Eliza got to love those graham cracker crumbs, too, and got away with because I doubt there were any animal crackers left.
Look at them decorating their little shags aeh houses.

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