Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We did it TWICE!

Thanksgiving is over. The tree is up and he smell of fresh baked Christmas Cookies (Weihnachtsplaetzchen) is in the house. No chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies which we make during the year. NO, real xmas cookies from German recipes.

We already made our second batch of Nuernberger Lebkuchen (gingerbread) after Leland ate them all up and we might end up needed a third one if doesn't leave a few left over from this batch. And they did turn out better as last years, especially after a few days stored they are just yummy.

I don't know why, I really don't, but somehow the kids always want to help, even it takes forever, but they love making cookies. Cutting out if possible each cookie in a different shape, sneaking fresh dough as a treat and Soren, this little charakter got his turn, too. But after his cookie cutter time he got a taste of dough and you just can hear him smacking his lips. So back on the step stool quietly and his little hand up for the next piece.

Here's the evidence.

When I stopped him after enough dough sneaking you could hear himall the way outside wailing and screaming. I know it's good, but just wait until we get to my Oma's Chocolate Cookies. Yummmmmm.

How could I forget to take pictures of all the colorful icing and over sprinkling work from Chiara. Sprinkles everywhere. but I have to admit, I was the same as a kid. lol.


  1. OH! I just love that you bake traditional German cookies! My family makes a spritz that was passed down through the generations and Christmas isn't Christmas without them. YUM!

  2. What a great time. You are a wonderful mommy for letting them all participate. Me??? I would not have the patience. LOL

  3. I cannot say it enough: your kids are so beautiful! I love that they all help out in the process, it must be so rewarding for them in the end to eat what they helped create!



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