Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day Crazyness

... early morning we were all sleeping until the phone rang. But it was a short but good phone call from far away.

Then of course everybody started crawling out of bed and that Santa indeed stopped by and left a small treat and a note. And suspicions of the real Santa were made (just look at the end of the last post!).

From there on we were busy getting ready and cooking. Setting the table and cookies out. Those were half eaten before everything was even set up. KIDS. Abby and Eliza arrived and she brought yummy appetizer. With a little delay but a well napped Sophia, Anja arrived with her family and some more food. The table was filled with delicious food and we all ate too much for sure. The kids were playing in and outside, we had no sunny but pretty warm weather, no sight of snow and finally in the end we got the chance to take a few pictures at least with the little ones. The nbigs were way too busy playing and jumping.

Pictures with the cutest snowman in the neighborhood - okay the only snowman near and far.

Christmas 2008


  1. Great times!!! LOVE that last picture!!!

  2. Those are some really great pictures! Sounds like a busy but great Christmas!



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