Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Car sick, just as I say, Soren was truly car sick yesterday. We were not even five minutes in the car, not even five miles driven when Soren got car sick yesterday morning and threw up all over his carseat again and again. So after stripping him off his clothes at the side of the road (lucky us for texas temperatures) we were on the way back. After Soren enjoyed his bath, he happliy hopped outside while cleaned carseats. Hose off carseats from the worst. Strip them. Take them totally apart and was dreading the assembly again. And scrubbing and finally setting everything in the sun. A little while later Soren got tired and layed next to me on the couch watching 'Go Diego Go' and fell asleep. And that while watching his favorite show! He was a sick little bug. So most of the rest of the day he was laying somewhere and especially in HIS CAR. He loves his car.

Today he is feeling a lot better, even his is still attached permanently to his pacifier, snuggle bear and blanket, but he gave his bug to me.


  1. oh no! Pool little guy. He's so cute. I hope he feels better.

    I don't get motion sickness, but my sis and mom do and I know it's not fun.

  2. Poor little cutie!! I hope he feels better soon. Such sweet pictures!

  3. Awwww! So sad but so cute! Poor little guy!



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