Thursday, November 20, 2008

she is SIX

Can you believe it, Chiara is already 6!

Six years of cuteness,
six years of sneakiness,
six years of princess,
six years of devil,
six years of giggles,
six years of tears,
six years of adventures for her, for us

six plus six more years until we have to let her go. Do we REALLY have to?

Chiara loves them, I love them, Leland loves them and you would, too. The candles I am talking about. The fast-lite candles are neat and fun. Everybody ready, set, go. You lite one and it is done. All six at once with no fights. One woosh and it lights, all six off them, ready for the Happy Birthday Song and the secret wish and to be blown out. With lots of good luck. Here you go.

A yummy cake for Chiara, the flowers for me, but way too much chocolate to eat. Except Soren. He eats every bite and would love some more. Just look at his face and you doubt no more.

Look at this face, how happy she is, opening her present from Oma. THANK YOU. I love it, she says. And she does. And everything else, too.

She celebrated with her friends already last Saturday, because I didn't know if I would be up to prep and have lots of people over this weekend after just coming home from the hospital yesterday. So the crazy day is already behind us and thanks to everybody who helped out that the kids had a fun afternoon here. I get the pictures up from it as soon as I can.


  1. Happy Birthday Chiara!!!! That cake looks sooooo yummy!

  2. Happy Birthday Suesse!!! Mensch ihr werdet alle gross und so schnell...Schaut ja aus als hattet ihr ne Menge Spass :-) Wir vermissen Euch! Ganz liebe Gruesse, Sandra, Chris und Stevie



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