Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cooking a la Soren

It does not happen so often that we are having pancakes for breakfast. In Germany pancakes are not for breakfast they are already lunch so we mostly end up having pancake brunch or have them even for dinner, but never for early breakfast that takes way too much effort. Also I don't like the american pancakes or pancake mixes, the only reason I eat pancakes when we are out for breakfast (once a year) because of the topping - strawberries and whipped cream, I wouldn't mind if the leave the part of the pancakes out.

So if we are having pancakes in our house and I am cooking than we make them from scratch with my mum's recipe and depending on how much water you add you can get them really really thin, almost crepe like.

Soren was helping me making pancakes and decided we have to make his version.

He started adding his first ingredient - "Schnulli" also known as pacifier.

He already mixed it up, but remembered that we first have to measure it, so he put it back in the measuring come after I quick test if it still tastes like pacifier and then on the scale to make sure it's the exact amount of "Schnulli" for his mix.

By the way, there's another weird american way to do something. Measuring! Yes, I also use a measuring come, but I only measure liquids in it. Or something you can easily pour in and out.

Just tell me why would you or do you squeeze butter in it, just to scrape it back out???

So, I use a scale and weigh my ingredients. Sometimes we use the measuring cup to put it on top of the scale. LOL. But not for the butter. LOL
What else do you need for pancakes? Of course an egg. And flour and milk. (Yes I did clean the bowl again before adding my ingredients. LOL)

Also one of the unlucky little pancakes ended up becoming 'Kaiserschmarrn' an Austrian specialty (usually it's made just with a little bit different batter - the egg whites are beaten before), but it taste even better like that as the regular pancakes and perfect for my little pancake baker.

We shared our creations with the girls.
Now my question to you.
What do you love to top of your pancake with?


  1. oh yum, those look so good!! your pictures are great!

  2. LOL! You crack me up Nicole! I love to top my pancakes with boring syrup!

  3. What a cute post! :)

    Sometimes I use a little maple syrup, preferably the real stuff and not just maple-flavored "pancake syrup"! I prefer fruit and things IN the batter, like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and apples. If we do go out for breakfast I get strawberries on top.

    And, I can't say it enough, your kids are beautiful!



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